Short description of the Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen. e.V.

The Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen e.V. is a non-profit organization (NPO) and supports projects in which children, young people and adults are supported in keeping their naturally positive feeling for learning alive. The educational approach is based on the latest research about the ways in which children learn sustainably and with joy. Children and young people are „seen“ individually and supported in age-mixed groups, free of competition and pressure. The biosphere reserve Elbtalaue in Lower Saxony offers many wonderful opportunities to learn in connection to nature.

Special focus of the Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen. e.V. is multilinguality (German, English, Swedish and more), an age-mixed group, ecology and sustainability, project learning, free play, drama and dace projects, regional and international consciousness and vital food.

In our modern time which is so fast-track and so irritating for many (young) people, the Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen. e.V. aims to create natural living spaces in which holistic education can take place in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Especially in the countryside where young people tend to leave for the cities we need educational opportunities to show the following generations ways and possibilities to design their futures responsibly and creative.

The goal of the Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen. e.V. is to offer regional educational possibilities in the form of “education houses” which are connected to international projects and possibilities (e.g. Sweden, Spain, England, Scotland, India, USA and others). Pupils can use those for course trips or internships/labs, exchange or language learning travels.

If young people get the chance to develop a feeling for the nature of the region and at the same time get a view into global interconnectedness, they have the best conditions to find a creative way to recognize and feel their calling, their place and their possibilities in this earthly web. So they will be able to feel connected to their closest surroundings and to the global events and thus influence both.