Change of non profit organisations head

The founders of the Freie Morgenrot Schule gave the schoolprojekt to an other non profit organisation in the area.

After seven years of giving everything for the project, the founders felt like needing more time for their families again…and the school faced difficulties with a new schoolhouse, so one thing came to another and so a joung nonprofit organisation who wanted to build up a free school anyway took the schoolproject over. The school is still bilingual and offers a vegan lunch in school.

For contact pleas write or call directly to

Tel. 05864-1693


Vegan Summer party in Berlin

Sunday, on the 29 th of August, the Freie Morgenrot Schule participated in the vegan Sumer party on Berlin Alexanderplatz. It was good to talk to many beautiful people and try out some yummy vegan dishes for the students, parents and the schoolteam…


…and we have a new member in our non profit organisation!

It was fun to be there! Thanx for organizing this summer party!