Description of school project

The Freie Morgenrot Grundschule is a “staatlich genehmigte Ersatzgrundschule in freier Trägerschaft”, so the official term. It means that the Freie Morgenrot Grundschule is a privately run elementary school, allowed by the government, which functions as a substitute for state schools. Families from all of Germany are drawn to this region by this school because of its unique concept. The school went into business in the beautiful biosphere reserve “Elbtalaue” in 2008 with 14 pupils in grades 1 to 4. The educational approach is based on the latest research about the ways in which children learn sustainably and with joy. The best things from international schools come together in our concept. The children learn without competition. The school especially focusses on:walk

  • Bilingual/multilingual life (German/English)
  • age-mixed group
  • individual support
  • ecology and sustainability
  • project work
  • vegan raw food
  • music, dance and drama
  • regional and international consciousness
  • Non-violent Communication (Rosenberg)
  • Original Play (Donaldson)

The school is inspired mainly by the international project “Auroville – City of the Future” in India, the “Nizhoni School of Global Consciousness” in the USA and the educational approach of Rebeca and Maurizio Wild. The school initiator, Johanna Joy Müller, herself has studied at the “Nizhoni School of Global Consciousness” (founded by Chris Griscom) and visited Auroville several times. “School as living space”: The non-profit regulating school board (Verein für nachhaltiges Lernen e.V.) plans to establish an education house inside the school house as well for cultural events, education for people of every age – a place that connects the regional and the global. Opportunities for education in rural areas are a prerequisite for the revival of countryside life. The former school house is part of an idyllic round village and a place for living, in which children are individually “seen” and supported.

The elementary school will open its doors to grades 5 to 10 in August 2011, too. Do give us a call or e-mail if you‘re interested.